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Locality Name: Leader
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Taluk: Allahabad
District: Allahabad
State: Uttar Pradesh

Address list in Leader

Leader is located in , Allahabad taluka, Allahabad District, in the state of Uttar Pradesh state and the pincode number is 211001.

  • 255a/1a/a, Adarsh Nagar, Bhawapurpillarkepass, Lukarganj, Allahabad, 211001
  • 112a/2a, Abubakar Pur, Allahabad
  • 109/a/12a Abubakarpur, Dhumanganjsbg, Allahabad
  • 125a/11a Abubakar Pur, Preetam Nagarabubakarpursbg, Allahabad
  • 125a/15a, Abubakarpur, Preetam Nagar, Gtrdsulemsri, Sherwani More Sulem Sarai, Allahabad, 211001
  • 125a/17/aabubakar Pur, Preetam Nagarpreetam Nagare, Allahabad
  • 255a/1a, Adarsh Nagar, Allahabad
  • 255a/2a Adarsh Nagar, Bhawa Pur, Allahabad
  • 17 A/15a 4a Lane No 1/1, Circular Roadcircular Road, Allahabad
  • 210a/76a/15 A, Muir Road, Yogendrapuri Colonyashok Nagar, Allahabad, 211001
  • 30a/8a, An Jha Marggeorge Town, Allahabad
  • 405 A/171 A/1, Ashok Nagarnewada, Allahabad, 211001
  • 22a/8a/1a, S P Marg, Civil Linescivil Line, Allahabad, 211001
  • 65/41a/16a Baghambari, Gaddi Allahpurbaghambari Gaddi, Allahabad
  • 437a/257a Baghambari Housing Scheme, Allahpurbaghambari Gaddi, Allahabad
  • 430/90a/32a Baghambhari Gaddi, Allahpur, Allahabad
  • 302a/119/a/1 Bai Ka Bagh, Bai Ka Bagh, Allahabad
  • 52a/7 Abbas Colony, Driyabaddariyabad, Allahabad
  • 52/159a Abbas Colonymufti, House City Dariyabaddariyabad, Allahabad
  • 441a Abbas Manjil, Dariabaddariyabad, Allahabad
  • 213a/5a, Begum Saraigayasuddin Pur, Allahabad
  • 386a/1a, Beni Ganj, Beniganj, Allahabad
  • 36a/19a Bhawapur, Bhawa Pur, Allahabad
  • 36 A/20 A Bhawa Pur, Bhawa Pur, Allahabad
  • 7a/8a/b Panna Lal Road, George Towngeorge Town Med, Allahabad
  • 22/a/16a/16, Brinda Ban Vihar Colony, 27/24spmg, Central Bank Civil Line, Allahabad, 211001
  • 125a/6, Abubakarpurabubakarpursbg, Allahabad, 211001
  • 143a/6 Abubakarpur, Dhumanganjsbg, Allahabad
  • 143a/2 Abu Bakarpur, Dhumanganjsbg, Allahabad
  • 143a/16 Abubakar Pur Road, Dhooman Ganjdhumanganjsbg, Allahabad
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